30 Random Acts REAL LOVE

1. Inspire people by sharing the song, “REAL LOVE

2. Drop your gently used casual clothes at the nearest Homeless Shelter. (Clothe the homeless)

3. Gather professional attire to donate to your nearest ‘Dress for Success.’ (Clothe those who need Re-entry into the workforce)

4. Give clean water to a community through funding REAL LOVE wells being built. Www.charitywater.com

5. Help educate and empower others in need by donating to WorldVision.org

6. Send Cards to loved ones who live away from you.

7. Cook a meal together with your family.

8. Pay for coffee for the person behind you.

9. Go to www.givelife.org and click on the Donate Blood Now icon at the top of the screen to find a place to donate blood in your neighborhood.

10. Purchase shoes from TOMS (Each purchase provides shoes for a person in need)

11. Start a change jar and let your child pick a cause your family can support.

12. Donate Bibles or Educational Books to prisons in the area.

13. Serve food at your local soup kitchen.

14. Purchase loved ones gifts from FEED www.feedprojects.com (As a result, Hungry children are fed.)

15. Donate a small amount through www.kiva.com and help someone start a business in an impoverished area.

16. Take furniture/children’s items to your local Salvation Army.

17. Take a meal to your neighbor’s home.

18. Volunteer to read at your local center for Blind individuals.

19. Write thank you notes to people who serve you: a teacher, the garbage man, local fire fighters. http://momitforward.com

20. For $28 a month, sponsor a needy child overseas through Christian development agency Compassion International (www.compassion.com).

21. Laundry Love.(Take and donate quarters to families in need within local laundromats)

22. Find a charity in your local community and volunteer.

23. Volunteer at your local hospital

24. Take a hot meal or donate a small gift to get a homeless person to a shelter for the night.

25. Adopt a senior citizen you know and find ways to honor them.

26. Send a meaningful text or note of gratitude to family, friends, or co-workers.

27. Be there for someone who needs support right now.

28. Apologize or Forgive and make things right.

29. Go to work on that thing that thing that drives those around you crazy! (Work on a better you)

30. Tweet/Post/Instagram something inspiring to lift up your followers.

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